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Read the Label, Your Supplement Recommendations Are Part of Your Brand!

Updated: Dec 15, 2019


Learning to read labels is very important. The products you are considering and recommending will either be a Supplement Facts or a Nutrition Facts label.

Supplement Facts are for supplements and Nutrition Facts are for food products.

The ingredients are listed from largest to smallest. This means there is the biggest amount of the first ingredient listed, and the smallest amount of the last one listed. Usually, the less number of ingredients the better. You want to be able to pronounce the ingredients and know what you are putting into your body.

See if it says on the label what the source is for specific ingredients. For example, “grass-fed whey protein” is much better for your body than “whey protein isolate.” In terms of whey protein, you want it to be undenatured and the least processed. With plant-based or vegan proteins, look for those that are a “complete protein,” meaning there is a combination of plant-based proteins to create a complete profile of all nine essential amino acids. For BCAA/Aminos, also check the source of the amino acids – you want to look for vegan sources because many others can come from questionable sources such as human hair or duck feathers (although they probably won’t say that on the label… just look for Vegan Aminos!).

Also, many brands will use “Proprietary Blends” on their labels to hide the amount of each ingredient. Be careful of these – they are either mega-dosing, micro-dosing, or both!

In the end, look for products that tell you exactly what is in the product, how much of each ingredient, and use ingredients you can pronounce. Simple & Transparent!

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If you are just getting into supplements, here is what we recommend.

1. Pick your protein – we recommend either a Whey Protein or Vegan/Plant Based Protein to use after your workout and/or in smoothies or a meal or snack

2. Pick your Amino – use a high quality, great tasting Amino product to sip on throughout the day

3. Pick your Pre-workout – use a safe, effective pre-workout that gets you the right amount of boost and performance without the negative side effects.


Trust – this is what you w ant from the brands you buy from. Does the company clearly tell you:

  • Who they are?

  • Why they are in business?

  • What they stand for?

  • Where they source their products?

TiadXP Guest Blogger, Duke Armstrong is the Founder & CEO - Propello Life, a nutrition products company, committed to providing high quality all natural supplements. They produces supplements that are , NON-GMO, free of artificial ingredients, minimally processed, authentic, sustainable and great tasting. If you are interested in learning more and becoming an ambassador for Propello Life, check them out here:

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