Royalties & MEP Pricing

Content in this section is maintained on the Royalties and MEP Pricing Page of the trainer section at . Last Updated: November 23, 2019 


This Pricing Page changed on the date listed above. We offer one Royalty option the 70% royalty option, described below.


1. Royalties

A. Available Sales Territories: All sales of your MEP to customers in any territory.


B. Royalty Rate: 70%

Royalty Calculation for List Price: The 70% Royalty Rate times the MEP List Price exclusive of Online Credit Card Transaction Fees. 


Credit Card Transaction Rate as 11/23/19 = 2.9%

Online Per Transaction Credit Card Fee = .30¢ per transaction


2. Royalty Calculation Examples

A. 70%


Net List Price x 70% Royalty Rate = Royalty 


Net List Price = List Price – (List Price x Credit Card Transaction Rate) - Online Per Transaction Credit Card Fee










3. Setting Your List Price

You set your List Price. However, we encourage you to price your MEP at or above sales levels for adjacent products (ebooks, books, etc.) as MEP provide significantly higher value than other mediums. 


5. Additional 70% Royalty Terms and Conditions:

i. MEP Eligibility: MEPs that consist primarily of public domain content are not eligible for the 70% Royalty Option.


ii. Distribution Territory: You must have appropriate distribution rights, and you must comply with any other restrictions or requirements we may provide from time to time for the 70% Royalty Option in the Program Policies.


iii. New Features: Any new feature incorporated into the Program will apply to all MEPs distributed under the 70% Royalty plan even if we make the feature optional for other MEPs.


iv. Non-Compliance: If at any time your MEP does not meet our compliance requirements you will not be eligible to receive your Royalty until you are compliant. 


6. Other Pricing Terms

i. intentionally left blank for future use. 


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